Selena Gomez has a new movie!

Everyone knows the pop princess and actress Selena Gomez, right?! Well you’ll all be pleased to know, that her new movie “The Fundamentals of Caring” is officially out!
It’s been known for weeks that she had an upcoming movie, and now it’s here. It’s yet another amazing achievement for Gomez to add to her CV. From going from “Wizards of Waverly Place” to this movie, Selena’s acting skills have surely developed.
The movie is about a man suffering an incredible amount of loss who enrolls in a class about care-giving that changes his perspective on life. It’s written by Rob Burnett (He is a five-time Emmy award winner, and has received 31 nominations) and based on the novel “The Revised Fundamentals of Caregiving” by Jonathon Evision (New York Times Bestseller). Selena plays the character Dot who’s a teenager with a heck of a lot of angst but then again, she’s extremely comical. She sure made us laugh!
Selena Gomez has a new movie! 1
The movie has already been nominated for not one but two awards! It’s been nominated for the ‘Best International Feature Film”. How awesome is that?!
We all know that with her new tour (Revival World Tour) and passing the whopping milestone of 85.8 million followers on Instagram, that Selena is one of the most talked about celebrities at this moment in time!
Selena Gomez has a new movie! 1
You can watch “The Fundamentals of Caring” on Netflix now! We know we will!
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Written by CelebMix