Selena Gomez Now Has 11 Million Followers On Spotify

Selena Gomez has officially passed the 11 million followers mark on Spotify. According to the Popcrave Twitter account, she is one of the most followed female artists on the streaming site.

Other female artists that have tens of millions of followers on Spotify are Rihanna, Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande, and Beyonce.

As of right now, Selena has 3 albums currently linked to her Spotify: Stars Dance, which was released in 2013, For You, that was released in 2014, this album as some new songs along with some remixes and her biggest hits. The most recent album from Selena is called Revival that was released in 2015.

Some of her most streamed songs are Bad Liar, WolvesHands To Myself, and Good For You featuring A$AP Rocky. Each song has over 100 million streams along with many other songs.

Just this year, Selena also released a song that was featured in season 2 of the Netflix original series, Thirteen Reasons Why called Back To You. The hit single now has over 250 million streams. You can hear the song being played in the background at a school dance in the last episode of season 2 in 13RW. 

It is unclear when Selena will release her new album, but we are hoping it’s soon. In a recent article from Billboard, Selena was asked about a female collaboration and she didn’t say no. We can’t wait to see who the mystery female singer is.

She also hinted that there is new music coming soon that is featuring some songs that are in Spanish. Check out the video below.

Are you looking forward to Selena’s new album? Who do you think Selena will collab with on this album? Let us know your thoughts by tweeting @CelebMix. 

Written by Ashley Gale

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