Is Selena Gomez taking Instagram tips from Justin Bieber?

Don’t we all wish we had the same power that celebrities have? Selena Gomez may be following some tricks from Justin Bieber on how to find random attractive people on the Internet. Just this morning, Selena posted a picture of a male model (featured below) with no caption. No caption to the photo only added to the mystery of why a random guy was posted.

Is Selena Gomez taking Instagram tips from Justin Bieber? 2

This is similar to how just a few weeks ago Justin posted a picture of a female model asking people to find who she was. Bieber eventually found the girl through the incredible stalking of his beliebers. Thus, the Internet was buzzing Thursday morning, wondering if Selena was giving her ex a taste of his own medicine. I mean it sure has to hurt Selena seeing Justin picking up new girls everywhere, even over social media.

Turns out, Selena’s post had nothing to do with the intention of finding out the guy’s true identity. The model is rumored to be the lead in Selena’s new music video for “Hands to Myself”, so she was just trying to self-promote her video.

But if you’re wondering who the model’s identity is for yourself, his name is Christopher Mason. He is a 21 year old model, who lives in Los Angeles and is signed to several agencies worldwide, including Wilhemina Models. Feel free to do some stalking of your own with his Instagram or Tumblr.

Selena has been teasing fans all week with sexy Instagram posts of her on set, as well as the Beats Headphones commercial that was released last week of her in nothing but a bra and underwear lip-syncing to “Hands to Myself”. And no one can forget her lip sync with the Victoria’s Secret Angels or her performance on the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show! Selena has definitely been doing some sexy memorable promotion for this single. We’ll be looking forward to seeing this video in the near future especially because this guy is a hottie!

If you missed Selena’s commercial with Beats Headphones or her lip sync with the Victoria’s Secret Angels check them out below!

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Written by CelebMix