Selena Gomez teases new music on Instagram

Since the release of her first solo studio album, Revival, back in October 2015, Selena Gomez has been pretty quiet on the music scene, particularly throughout 2016 after she made the decision to prioritise her mental well-being and therefore cancelled the second half of her tour in order to get treatment.

Recently, however, Miss Gomez has been rather active on Instagram and has been treating her 100 million followers to some unseen snaps from her private life. Another thing she’s been using the picture sharing outlet for is to tease her Selenators with ten second snippets of what we reckon could be her new music.

Selena has been utilising one of Instagram’s newest features – Instagram Stories, which allows users to upload ten second videos or images to their profile which will disappear after twenty four hours, (in laymans terms, it’s Snapchat within Instagram). Selena has enjoyed sharing hilarious videos of herself hanging out with friends to her Insta Story, giving fans a further glimpse into the life of Selly G but, recently, she uploaded two short videos to her story which had music playing in the background that didn’t sound familiar. She was singing the tracks and it is possible that these unheard tunes could be from her second record, which fans have nicknamed SG2.

Selena has yet to elaborate on whether or not she’s releasing new material any time soon, although she did say a while back that she’s been in the studio, AND she changed her Twitter icon from her Revival album artwork to a plain black square. The whole thing is very mysterious but one thing that seems to be certain is that Selena likes to keep us on our toes and she definitely likes teasing us. HONESTLY SELENA! You should know by now that only posting a ten second black and white video of your vocalchords singing a song we’ve never heard before is going to drive us crazy!

Have a listen to a snippet of one of the songs below, which starts with the lyrics “I had a dream, we were about just seventeen…” and let us know what you think of it. Okay, okay, its only ten seconds long but we think it already sounds like a number one hit.

Do you think this is potentially one of Selena’s new tracks? Hit us up on Twitter @CelebMix and tell us your theories. Also, are you as excited for SG2 as we are? (And trust us, we are PRETTY excited!

Written by CelebMix