Selly Wilson stuns BTS’ fans with her breathtaking art exhibition

We all have one ideal who we always look up to. While it is unfair to deify people but one can admire a personality for several different reasons. BTS’ fans, also known as ARMYs, support boys due to their music, messages, personalities and much more.

The strength of the fandom becomes evident when they launch collaborative projects to advocate their favourite artists. Thanks to these dedicated fans, the boys are now enjoying the fruits of their labour.

A few months ago, BTS launched their second exhibition to offer a first hand artistic experience to their fans. As reported by Soompi,

“This exhibition will show photos of the BTS members preparing for their album, photos the members took themselves, and various videos. In addition, there will also be a hands-on experience space for the visitors, where will be able to create special memories and communicate with the members.”

While it was interesting to know about the creative process that went behind creating group’s songs but the story was still incomplete. In this exhibition, people got a chance to see BTS’ music from creators’ perspectives but we were yet to see the consumer’s point of view.

Selly Wilson took the opportunity to utilize her art in creating the “world of ARMYs” where fans can participate and share their side of the story.

Selly Wilson is an Indonesian fan who recently posted a small video of her “art exhibition” on Twitter. Titled “All the Way Up”, the exhibition showcases different aspects of BTS and ARMYs’ journey with musical elements silhouetted aesthetically against the white background.

Using “Outro: Tear” as the background music, she can be seen placing herself (an ARMY) within the world of BTS. As captioned on Twitter, she wishes ARMYs to use this exhibition as a “space” where they can make new friends.

Please don’t say anything
Reach my hand out to cover the mouth
But in the end, spring will come someday
The ice will melt and flow away
#Singularity (via Twitter)

Selly is just an exemplum of the sheer dedication that one can put into something they love. She offers a good starting point for us to look at the fans beyond the conventional definition of “crazy girls”. We need to understand the motivation behind their support and acknowledge the efforts they put into helping their favourite artists reach the top.

Fans can follow Selly on Twitter using @WilsonSelly. We absolutely loved the exhibition video and would want more content. What about you? Share your thoughts via tweet @CelebMix.

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