September 29th was a Busy Week for Niall Horan

September 29th should forever be called ‘The day Niall took over the world’ because he has been absolutely non stop from the moment he dropped a surprise tune in the morning – now we know who to blame for the out of the blue DMD release – to the multiple interviews he gave in succession afterwards. He’s been keeping up with the phone and his social media all day and his gratitude is truly humbling.

‘This Town’ was written by Niall Horan, Jamie Scott, Mike Needle, and Daniel Bryer and has a soft and simple melody which, accompanied by Niall’s beautiful voice, came together to make the perfect debut single. Niall had this to say about releasing the tune.

“It’s momentous; It kind of reminds me of when we released ‘What Makes You Beautiful.’ It’s a big deal.”

Niall’s surprise release absolutely floored fans and took the world by storm, even the radio hosts he spoke with had no idea that this was coming.  In perfect Niall fashion, his explanation for the timing was just because ‘he didn’t want people to think he’d fallen off the face of the earth’.

He also spoke about being in Studio A and seeing all the faces of his idols on the walls and being honored to record an acoustic version of the song was something dreams are made of; and this is just one more way he’s living his. He felt like he went through a phase of ‘writing a lot of crap’ – as if he’s capable of such a thing – but felt like this song brought him out of that and it’s something he’s very proud of.

This Town was well received by, well, everyone. Seriously the trend #ThisTown went on for hours and his tune was number one in over 50 countries before the song was even out for 24 hours – he’s a legend!

Speaking of legends; his band mates all had warm wishes and praise to send to him on this life changing event; leave it up to the boys to pull together to congratulate one another on something that big.

Finally, in an interview with Maxwell, Niall confirmed something beautiful and shut down the continuing buzz of naysayers that are convinced there is no more One Direction “There’s going to be plenty more One Direction tours, that’s a guarantee…. Yea, yea, there’s definitely more than one One Direction show left, that’s a fact….”

Niall isn’t having the negativity about One Direction’s future.

If you’ve not yet listened to the song, you can watch the video below and also download it on iTunes or stream it on Spotify. We can’t wait toes more of what’s in store for one of our favorite boys; you’ve made the world so proud!

Written by Ashley

Writer, coffee drinker, mother.