The Shade Games FT. Zayn Malik

Twitter: n. a social media website that allows you to post your thoughts with a limit of 140 characters. In other words, a not so “low-key” way to throw some major shade. An expert of this art, most commonly known as shade-throwing; happens to be One Direction’s former band mate, Zayn Malik.


From leaving One Direction, to calling off his 2 year engagement; Zayn Malik has been anything but predictable. Since March twenty fifth, the solo artist has taken fans on a petrifying ride. Leaving questions unanswered whilst “disappearing” off the face of the Earth; however, what felt like ages was only a few days… Still, many fans went inZAYN (sorry not sorry) and grieved on the Internet. Luckily, he broke the silence on social media and became active. Really active.


This later became a blessing and a curse. On one hand, it made us smile knowing that he was happy doing his own thing and living life how he wanted. On the latter, it started creating never-ending drama in the fandom. Thus, the Shade Games began.


The first few Twitter fights weren’t even started or acknowledged by Zayn. They were provoked by the infamous Naughty Boy (Shahid Khan), and the Sass King himself, Louis Tomlinson.



When the fights were just beginning, it was usually Louis Tomlinson commenting on what Naughty Boy smugly told the media. Other times, it would be Louis questioning the sanity of the Media itself. Rumours were floating around saying that NB’s track with Zayn Malik was a rejected One Direction song, and the member of One Direction had to speak out to what he thought was a joke. Yet, even after these few fights, none of the fans would have ever expected for the ongoing tensions to have escalated to where they did.


After about a month of silence on Twitter between the pair, the most famous Louis vs. Naughty Boy vs. Zayn fight occurred. A photograph that was tweeted out as (hopefully) a joke, was taken out of context. Both celebrities kept adding more and more fuel to the fire (Naughty Boy even made fun of Louis’ voice), until Zayn commented with a tweet that sent the One Direction fandom into an uproar.




Hence the beginnings of the Zquad was born. Zayn lost fans and ended up gaining more hate. The fans that stood by him created the Zquad and protected him from the Directioners. There was no reason to hate either Louis Tomlinson or Zayn Malik; they are friends who can get into fights too! However this has been cleared up and Zayn still supports his mates careers and wishes them only the best.


For some time, we were drama free with Zayn. Just a few tweets teasing us with what he is working on or him appreciating fan made drawings. Yet we all know that One Direction and Zayn have more drama than the Kardashians, so this was going to end soon. And it did.


A while back, Naughty Boy leaked a video of Zayn Malik singing his cover of No Type. “Fans” made fun of the quality of the video, since there was a toy car being pulled on a string. However this video wasn’t made to get attention or to be serious. Zayn made this video for fun. Naughty Boy acted smug and boasted about his friendship with Zayn. However this is when we realized that “Zaughty” wasn’t on such good terms. After Zayn defended himself and continued on to “burn” Naughty Boy: Their friendship came to its inevitable end. “Zaughty: Rest in Peace. 2015-2015



Fans, both Zquad and Directioners alike, rejoiced. Zayn revealed to us how he signed to a new record label, and how happy he really was. He started dropping truths and revealing his thoughts more frequently. His life seemed as if it was only going up. I mean, perfect job, wonderful fans, and a beautiful fiancé. Oh wait.


Perrie Edwards and Zayn Malik are no longer engaged. After speaking out against recent cheating rumours, Zerrie also broke up. The couple has been rumoured to have split about a month ago. Perrie deleted all of her Instagram photographs with him and managed to throw a bit of shade towards him. However it is perfectly normal for her to have her opinions on the best summer song (which Drag Me Down seems fitting). Yet her band mate and her have been seen holding a poster saying, “Zayn is irrelevant.” Which with their astonishing TCAs performance is a true statement.


Zayn has also shaded Little Mix a bit by retweeting this (picture below). However just like Perrie, he is entitled to his own music opinion. Sure, both seem a bit sketchy and can be taken out of context, but they are two beautiful people that are talented in their own ways. We wish them the best of luck in their future lives: Without Zerrie.



No more bad blood right? Wrong. Zayn Malik called out Taylor Swift for not letting her album be on Spotify. Comparing her to the VMA host, Miley Cyrus, he shaded Taylor Swift so badly, even I thought I was under a palm tree. He then later tweeted, “Nothing changed, you just never knew” Hmm what are you going on about Zayn?


Leaving us with more truths, Zayn Malik has shown us he is more than a previous member of One Direction. With his Zquad behind him and new music, Zayn Malik is creating an army of change. No more lies and all about his feelings and opinions. And for his next victim of shade: May the odds be ever in their favor.

Written by CelebMix