Shadowhunters 2B Comic Con Trailer Released

Directly from San Diego Comic Con, the heart-breaking and mouth dropping Shadowhunters SDCC trailer has been released. With only three episodes of season 2 to go, the trailer you’re about to see is going to completely blow your minds and you may find yourself in a pool of tears.

War has arrived and nobody is safe. In fact, the trailer makes it very clear nobody is safe, as one of our favourite characters will die. The trailer shows so much tragedy going on, it’s hard to take it all in. However, what we did catch is; tension between Magnus and Alec, Clace, a violent showdown between Jace and Sebastian, a dragon and even Max is in serious danger. These final three episodes are going to be bigger than any episode we’ve had before!

“There’s not a lot of happy” – Shadowhunters Comic Con Panel

So yes, it is bad news in the Shadowhunters world, however, we will finish this off with some good news and that is Sarah Hyland was recently announced as the Seelie Queen! But will she be the one to start the war? Who knows! Let’s just celebrate Sarah’s appearance and not dwell too much on the bad she’s probably about to bring!

See the new Shadowhunter’s SDCC trailer here:

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