Shane Filan Celebrates his Birthday by giving his fans the gift of the music video for Beautiful in White

Today is Shane Filan’s birthday. We are quite sure he’s spent the day being spoilt by his friends and family, as one should be on his birthday, what fans did not expect was for him to gift them with a video for his much-loved song Beautiful in White.

Yes, even on his birthday Shane is thinking of his fans.

Beautiful in White is a song which dates back to his 14-year tenure as a member of the hugely successful and chart-topping band Westlife. Beautiful in White was originally a Westlife song. It first surfaced in the Westlife fanbase in about  2011, with just Shane on vocals, at the time everyone assumed it was a demo that never made an album. It quickly became a firm favourite within the Westlife fan base and a go-to for all Westlife fans getting married. It later became the most requested wedding song in Asia.

In 2017 Shane who had asked his fans for song suggestions for his upcoming album, Love Always, an album full of some of the most lovely and moving love songs, re-recorded a new version of Beautiful in White.

Yesterday he teased the release on his social media accounts. He even recorded a video from behind the scenes of the shoot.

The video fits the song perfectly. It features a young couple getting married. It’s tastefully shot in black and white, interspersed with clips of Shane singing the song. It’s a lovely narrative that really shows off the lyrics to the song. Shane’s scenes were shot in D-Light studios in Dublin, a large industrial studio space.

Jonathan Lambert who worked on Shane’s Unbreakable video worked on Beautiful in White as well.

What we love about Shane is how he often uses his own family and friends in his videos.  His whole family features in his Knee Deep in My Heart video and his oldest child Nicole has the starring role in Back To You, with his younger two children, Patrick and Shane JR making cameos.

In his video for his hit song Unbreakable, Shane featured his nephew and godson Killian, who in 2012 won the top prize at Leinster School of Music and Drama Excellence Awards. And we are pretty sure that he’s also the male lead in the Beautiful in White too.

We all at CelebMix hope Shane has a very happy birthday! Do you love the video as much as us? Let us know over on @CelebMix!


Written by Kelly McFarland

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