Shane Palko
Pick Me Up

Shane Palko Releases ‘Pick Me Up’

Just a few minutes ago, international indie alt-folk artist Shane Palko dropped his latest album, called Pick Me Up.

From Pennsylvania, Palko, who is a socioenvironmental specialist, has performed on five continents in more than 25 countries, along with releasing nine studio albums. He was invited to perform as a cultural representative to China and partnered with Busoga Kingdom on social projects involving musicians.

Palko spent three months touring Africa, Asia, and Australia, performing while simultaneously documenting the significance of music on film. From there, Palko traveled through Central America, playing concerts in seven countries.

Pick Me Up comprises 11-tracks, opening with “Traveling/Wandering,” a gentle folk-rock number riding a mellow guitar and rumbling rhythmic components. The tune rolls with buttery textures, as well as Palko’s clear tenor.

Highlights on the album include “Circus Dog,” an alt-folk tune with hints of alt-pop flowing through it. The harmonic current of this song features layers of shimmering guitars and a delightful violin imbuing the background with elegant colors. “Starship” is one of my favorites because of its combination of alt-folk flavors and tropical yacht rock feel. Palko’s voice takes on cool, almost romantic tones.

“Captain Dan” is a bright yet soothing tune trembling with coruscating colors and the silky texture of the reedy violin. “For Juniper,” an instrumental, blends blues-lite with delicate yacht rock flavors, giving the music tantalizing wisps of scrumptious sonic hues, pensive yet softly gleaming.

On “Moving Forward,” Palko’s tones achieve a gentle reediness, as the melody streams with pale glowing colors and twinkling energy. Listen to the violin on this song, graceful and polished with warm pigments. “Jenny Wren” radiates slightly darker colors, as well as a tension balanced on intimacy. The tension exudes from the compact piano tones, like the glint of a dull knife.

Beautifully wrought, Pick Me Up reflects nuanced musical expressions ranging from the luminous brush of rumors to harmonic fields of brawny energy. Pick Me Up is well-worth listening to.

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Written by Randy

Randy Radic is a Left Coast author and writer. Author of numerous true crime books written under the pen-name of John Lee Brook. Former music contributor at Huff Post.