Sharlene-Monique releases inspiring music video for ‘You’

Music has the power to move and inspire people through its lyrics and melody. Artists who dig deep when creating their masterpieces are able to spread positive messages, and that’s exactly what London-based singer-songwriter Sharlene-Monique has done with her debut single, ‘You’.

Keen to share a personal message of self-acceptance, self-love and self-empowerment, Sharlene-Monique’s ‘You’ embodies these ideas from the off. Written by Sharlene-Monique, produced by her husband Chris Morris, and mixed by Grammy-Award winning mix engineer Alan Branch, the haunting ballad encourages us all to embraces ourselves. We are more than just what we look like – we are full of spirit, we are full of personality, and we are full of heart. Her stunning vocals and poignant lyrics create a powerful offering which many listeners will be able to resonate with.

Sharlene-Monique has shared an emotive visual for ‘You’. During the visual, we see a young woman on a journey of self-acceptance. As a child, she is seen donning make up before being laughed at for her appearance. Sitting in front of a mirror, she transforms into an insecure woman who seems to consider herself as an inconvenience. Whilst walking on the street, she is handed a leaflet for a choir who would help her “find her voice”. After initially running away from the opportunity, she eventually returns and becomes the star of the choir. The growth in her character is evident and sends out a strong message that we must accept and embrace ourselves for who we are.

Speaking of the music video, Sharlene-Monique said, “I’m really excited to be releasing music that I feel so passionate about. I really hope people connect with the message of the song. The video stirred up so many emotions inside because it reflects elements of my past.”

Sharlene-Monique is an empowering artist who is destined to succeed with her influential music. The multi-skilled musician, who also a dancer, teacher, and motivational blogger, has already done a successful headline and support promotional tour around the UK. As she continues to spread her message of positivity, we’re certain that she will rise as a ray of sunshine in an often gloomy world.

‘You’ is available now.

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Written by Katrina Rees

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