Ten of Sharpay’s Greatest Moments

Sharpay Evans: the greatest stereotypical blonde high school girl since Regina George. She is High School Musical’s resident villain, but underneath all her mean moments Sharpay is actually a misunderstood and mistreated woman who just wants to perform in musicals, dammit. She’s the real victim here. She’s also pretty amazing.

0 first

So in commemoration of High School Musical’s ten year anniversary we’ve rounded up ten of Sharpay’s greatest moments, just for you.

10. Fabulous1 fabulous

“It’s out with the old and in with the new.” It’s 2016, guys.

High School Musical 2 was the highlight of Sharpay’s life. Her parents owned the country club, she could spend all day by the pool and everything was perfect – until the Wildcats showed up, that is. And ‘Fabulous’ is a tune.

9. Bop to the Top

2 bop to the top

Sharpay took the opportunity to show off her Spanish skills in her performance of ‘Bop to the Top’. What a classic.

8. The pineapple princess Tiki

3 humuhumuHumuhumunukunukuapua’a: the greatest song ever written and a timeless fairytale in itself. Why did it have to get cut from the talent show? *cries*

7. Those vocal exercises

4 vocal exercises 14 vocal exercises 2Let’s be real, Sharpay and Ryan started a global trend with those vocal exercises. “Brhh, brhh, mah!” Revolutionary.

6. The Lava Springs talent show

5 everyday

Sharpay’s most heartbreaking moment: when Ryan told Troy that Sharpay switched songs and Sharpay had no idea so Troy had to perform without her and left her crying in the dressing room. Yeah, that was a pretty bitchy move, Ryan.

5. The show must go on

6 gabriella - the show must go on

Don’t worry, though. Sharpay got over that betrayal pretty quickly. Next year she was back at school, devising a plan to get Gabriella out of the senior musical so Sharpay could steal her role. Evil, yeah. But the girl just wanted a solo!

6 musical

And when the musical all went wrong anyway, Sharpay basically saved the day. The show must go on.

4. Night to remember

7 my night

Things got even more exciting when Sharpay crashed that snooty Tiara’s performance, because nobody steals Sharpay’s role. (But Sharpay was allowed to steal Gabriella’s, lol). Sharpay was a better singer than Tiara anyway and we all knew it.

3. The fantasy sequence in ‘I Want it All’

8 sharpay-made-troy-fan

You can’t deny it, Sharpay’s devotion to Troy throughout the HSM series was admirable. He was everybody’s first crush, right?

2. But Sharpay and Zeke were the real relationship goals9 evaporate tall person - iconic quote

“Evaporate, tall person” – iconic.

1. Graduation

10 graduation

Sharpay deserved a place at Julliard too! But she still graduated with grace as she proudly headed off to the University of Albuquerque.


Sharpay and Gabriella made friends and everybody finished East High on good terms. We love.

11 sharpay's fabulous adventure2

Even after High School Musical was over Sharpay continued to slay, starring in her own spin-off movie ‘Sharpay’s Fabulous Adventure.’ Goals.

12 sharpay's fabulous adventure

Now let’s all watch High School Musical to celebrate ten fabulous years. What’s your favourite Sharpay moment? Let us know in the comments or @CelebMix on Twitter.


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