Shawn Mendes’ 18 Best Tweets Through The Years!

Shawn Mendes turns 18 in just a few days. We decided to share a week of articles to celebrate. Here are Shawn’s 18 best tweets throughout the years!

1. When he was in awe on how talented his opening act was

2. When he was able to have a chuckle on his shirt style

3. When he got real personal

4. When he really wanted to know how to do the chipmunk thing

5. When he would 100% be Jojo…

6. When it absolutely is a Canadian thing

7. Same Shawn…

8. We believe!

9. If salsa dancing is wrong, we don’t want to be right

10. When he shared that his hips do not lie

11. When he is so encouraging and supportive

12. When he never stops letting his fans know how much he loves them

13. When he shared his lack of pink pong skills

14. Late night thoughts, with Shawn

15. Love is in the air…

16. His endless love for his parents

17. Hello….Raymon

18. Yo, want to chill? YES

We hope Shawn has the most amazing 18th birthday!

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Written by Amber Nordberg

I'm 25, living life and loving the adventure. Lover of One Direction and 5SOS. Find me on Twitter, @ambernordberg