Shawn Mendes Teases New Album In Cryptic Way

On Friday March 16th, Shawn Mendes shared blank mauve and tan coloured images on Twitter, with no context or explanation. While the tweets could have been accidental, Mendes went ahead and pinned one to his profile, making it clear that the photo, although blank, is obviously pretty significant. Now, fans of the Canadian singer are in frenzy over what it could mean, with many thinking that Mendes is trying to hint that a big announcement is coming, and we think they could be correct in their assumptions.

Mendes has been talking about his upcoming third studio album for the past few months, and the blank photo potentially may indicate, that he may be ready to announce the release date and title. Mendes has also changed his profile picture to a image that consists of the same colour swatch. However, this time there are flowers at the centre, which we think could potentially be a teaser for the album artwork. The background of his website has also been updated with a similar colour swatch with the flowers located in the bottom left corner.

To excite fans even further, Mendes has just shared an image of a Spotify billboard which states: Shawn Mendes Coming Soon.

With all of the clues arising recently, it’s clear that the album isn’t just finished — it’s ready to drop. We have a feeling that this is going to be an exciting new era for Shawn Mendes’ music.

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Written by Emily Severn

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