She’s Kinda Hot Video Release

The 5 Seconds Of Summer fandom went a little crazy tonight as the much anticipated music video for She’s Kinda Hot was released.

The 5SOS boys have teased fans for weeks about this song and it’s release. There were “fly-on-the-wall” style video clips and mysterious symbols all over social media, until on July 15th, fans all across the globe watched a man spray paint for 2 hours, and reveal that a new single was on it’s way. Two days later, She’s Kinda Hot was released. Fans went mad for it’s very new style – “the new broken scene” started by the boys.

5SOS released their SKH video at 9pm on Monday the 3rd of August (BST). There was plenty of build-up – tweets rallied around and MTV even revealed some behind the scenes images an hour in advance, sending fans into a frenzy.

The video follows 3 guys as they “level up”, beating bullies, demanding girlfriends and therapists to show that there is nothing wrong with being who you are. It features plenty of pixel, comic book style cartoons, that just look cool. There’s even a moving music machine: one full of lights and speakers and one very attractive band.

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The video takes a few watches to get what it’s saying, but the message is clear – be who you are, and be proud of it. This whole song and video is a good thing, 5SOS have told their fans to be themselves, something a lot of people need to hear. It’s a message I’m very happy to follow, and hopefully many others will too.

Written by CelebMix