CelebMix Show of the Summer 2018

The CelebMix Summer Awards are back, and this year we’ve got more categories than ever before.

With so many of our favourite acts releasing new singles this summer, we wanted to help find the Show of the Summer.

How do the CelebMix Awards work?

Round one ran from July 9th through July 22nd, and now the second round – the final round – has gone live, with a shortlist of just two of your favourite acts.

You can visit this page and vote for your favourite artist once per day on each of your devices, so make sure you check back every 24 hours to make your voice count.

Don’t forget to ask friends, family and other fans to get involved by sharing this voting page on social media. Once voting closes on August 10 at 8.00pm BST, and the winner of this category will be announced once votes have been finalised and verified.

The percentage you see when you vote may not be accurate due to the numbers of people voting. Don’t assume your favourite act is in the lead – someone else might have caught up!

Voting closed!

Congratulations to our winners, Steps.

Written by Jack