Sibling Duo The Luck Release Breakout Album

Making up music group The Luck brother and sister duo Max and Esmay have just released their inaugural LP titled ‘Ready To Run’ which was recorded out in LA before being brought back home to the UK for its release.

Growing up with a long list of musical influences for Max Luck, looking up to the likes of Folk artists John Martyn and Nick Drake inspired Max’s instrumental skills. Songs such as ‘Lionheart’ and ‘Tomorrow Turned To Yesterday’ weave in a variety of percussion patterns and rhythm guitars, adding to the occasional flickers of heart rendering pianos and violins in ‘Place In The Sun’.

For Esmay Luck having her own music icons in the form of legends Joni Mitchell and The Cranberries when it came to the process of making this record was important in terms of the album’s lyrical context. Tracks including ‘Ready To Run’ and ‘If This Is Love’ truly embody powerful stories. Whilst sonically these songs even go as far as taking elements from the punk-rock scene, with Blink-182 and Green Day type melodic choruses making up these songs’ relatable narratives and compelling musicality.

Overall ‘Ready To Run’ the debut record by sibling group The Luck takes Max and Esmay’s musical inspirations from a broad spectrum of genres and merges with the bands very own modern Indie Americana sound.

Check out The Luck’s brand new music video below, and listen to the full album here

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Written by Emma

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