Is Simon Cowell under Strictly stress?

If Simon Cowell was young enough to be in high school he would be the talk of the canteen, and would most certainly be ruling the playground; but with the popularity from his show The X Factor comes great responsibility and it appears new, innovative choices he is making to keep the show entertaining are proving quite a challenge.

The music mogul Mr Cowell is constantly striving to be on top and with the recent decline of viewer’s ratings in comparison to Strictly Come Dancing it appears Cowell is feeling the pressure more than ever to impress the home audience. Following the launch of the show this month, there has been significant hype surrounding the Judges Houses element of the show. Cowell’s original plans were to include a live broadcast of the contestants singing at the glamorous Judges Houses. This intriguing twist however has turned out to be too ambitious for the show and, embarrassingly the promise of a new concept has been scratched. A spokesperson stated to The Sun that ‘They have been talking about the live judges’ houses stage for months, but too many things could’ve gone wrong and, if it all would’ve gone to pot on live TV, it would’ve been disastrous’. It appears that the strain Simon Cowell is under to beat Strictly Come Dancing is making him push boundaries and make promises he quite clearly can’t keep.

Cowell is aware that the exotic locations and the insight into the celebrity Judges Houses (Cheryl Fernandez, Simon Cowell, Rita Ora and Nicholas Grimshaw) is a concept favoured by the public and a live filming would have been impressive however logistical difficulties and time zone difference around the world would have made it almost impossible.

A new schedule is now being put in place as his determination to increase the entertainment value this year has been a step too far; “For the rest of the show we are going to pre-record the contestants performing on location, as logistically and technically this will give us the best show for viewer’.

Written by CelebMix