For County Durham-based young talent ZAK, this is only the beginning. With a mega-successful release, ‘Christmas Time With You,’ the future pop sensation has gathered over 100 000 streams. 

With the New Year, 14-year-old ZAK is not taking any breaks with an upcoming release, ‘My Girl,’ due to be released on February 17th. In the meantime, ZAK will be touring schools in the Northeast, sharing his perspective on bullying and cyber safety. 

Being homeschooled, ZAK feels ready to speak about his personal experience and offer guidance for those who may not feel safe in their school environment. 

On top of his hook-heavy hits collection, ZAK has more profound intentions of helping communities in this complex day and age. However, it is safe to say with the unveiling of ‘My Girl,’ ZAK is right on the path of becoming a phenomenon. 

‘My Girl’ is out on February 17th. 

Written by Emma

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