Single Review: Christian Burrows – ‘Two Again’

Christian Burrows released his debut single ‘Two Again’ on June 21 to a legion of fans who have been eagerly anticipating its release and being able to hear some of his original music.

As soon as the track begins, it is evident that the song is incredibly emotional. Throughout the song, Christian tells an phenomenal story with the lyrics. When you listen to the song, the lyrics help to paint an image in your mind – bringing the lyrics to life, which is very rare in today’s industry.

With powerful and truly breathtaking lyrics such as ‘I would do anything just to be two years old again,’ ‘Until we meet again, stay safe my friend’ and ‘I will keep you in my thoughts to the very end,’ the song reveals the pain and heartache experienced by Christian and his family at the loss of his younger brother.

When Christian appeared on ‘The X Factor’ back in 2016, he performed ‘Two Again’ during his initial audition, leaving a lasting impact on the Judges. Simon described him as having ‘a real talent,’ further going on to say that he was ‘great with lyrics.’

If you haven’t already, you can buy ‘Two Again’ on iTunes by clicking here.

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Written by Rachel Dempster