SINGLE REVIEW: J-Sol ‘OMW’ Featuring Gen

Rising British R&B star J-Sol returns with his latest track OMW – a lyrically introspective, slick, soulful slow jam inspired by life’s struggles, heartbreaks, trials and tribulations.

Confident, self-assured, yet vulnerable to the fact that his journey isn’t always going to be easy, J-Sol is laying his soul bare, discovering his truth and, in the process, liberating himself free from all of his fears, insecurities and doubts.

The U.K. male solo artist we have all been waiting for, this multifaceted, dynamic performer is on the cusp of greatness and OMW is just the beginning…

“I’m on way, I ain’t got no games to play”

Opening to the sound of mellow synths and staccato beats, the tracks enticing and intoxicating melody intertwined with Sol’s smooth vocal harmonies instantly conjures up a feeling of euphoria, that is not only pleasing to the ear, but soothing to the soul also, as the new R&B king sings a call and response sequence to himself, declaring that he is on his way, in an almost self-affirmation like way.

The tracks slick production and laid back groove fuse together to great effect, as J-Sol’s vocal choices and stylings evoke an emotive quality that cuts far deeper than any other British R&B record released of late.

In a contrast to J’s velvety vocal tones, full of flavour and rich in sound, rapper GEN‘s featured verse of quick rhythmic rhymes and confessional lyrics, adds a new energy and flow that SLAPS! Helping to elevate and transform the song to even greater heights of success.

“You can’t know, places you don’t go…”

OMW’s autobiographical lyrics tell the story of a man who has to had to fight to find his place in the world – defiant and determined, Sol exudes a steely confidence that only comes from having experienced some of life’s hardships. But deeper than that, there’s a bigger, more universal message that J-Sol is trying to convey here, and that’s one of not giving up… no matter what happens!

“When I wrote ‘OMW’ I was thinking about all the rejection that I’ve faced so far in my musical journey” Sol says of the track.

“The trials and tribulations from record deals not closing, getting to the finals of life changing competitions and then getting told ‘NO’ to hearing people saying that I’m not good enough, that I look too old for my age or that I’m too dark skinned!”

“I know I’m not the only one that experiences these things, so with this song it was important that I found the good in the bad. I flipped the narrative and decided to look at every closed door and ‘NO’ as an abbreviation for ‘NEW OPPORTUNITIES’.”

Listen to J-Sol ‘OMW’ featuring Gen below:

J-Sol: Chasing Something More

OMW is J-Sol’s very own self fulfilling prophecy! It’s life affirming, it’s brave, it’s what he, and we, need to hear right now as we navigate our way through such troubled and uncertain times.

The track is a lesson to all, of how British R&B should be done – effortlessly cool and undeniably current, J-Sol is singing himself out of the dark and into the light, where he is most certainly destined to find all that he has been searching for, and more.

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Written by Philip Logan

Twitter & IG: @philip_logan