Our Six Favourite Music Videos in One Direction’s History

On this day six years ago, Louis Tomlinson, Harry Styles, Niall Horan, Liam Payne, and Zayn Malik were put together to form what went on to become the world’s biggest boyband; One Direction. A lot has happened to the band during their time together; they have grown both individually and as a group. They have experienced highs and lows in their journey to success. In its six-year history, One Direction has managed to create five albums and go on six tours, with four of them being headliners. The five boys have also made three movies and have worked hard to become some of the highest earning celebrities in the world.

Today, One Direction is down to four members (Tomlinson, Styles, Horan, and Payne) and is on a hiatus. They are all learning what it’s like to stand on their own two feet. They want to become better people and better artists so they can become an even stronger band once they’re reuniting.

In today’s honour, we have listed our favourite six music videos in One Direction’s history.

6. What Makes You Beautiful

‘What Makes You Beautiful’ was the lead single off of One Direction’s debut album ‘Up All Night’. This video is on the list for sentimental reasons. We’re pretty sure that all 1D fans’ hearts grow a little bit bigger whenever they listen to this song and watches he video. It reminds us of the good old days. It’s also very noticeable how happy all of the boys look in this video.

5. Kiss You

‘Kiss You’ was a single from One Direction’s sophomore album ‘Take Me Home’. The video shows the five lads being their usual dorky selves, something we love seeing.

4. Story of My Life

Our fourth favourite video in One Direction history goes to ‘Story of My Life’ from their third album ‘Midnight Memories’. This is one of their more serious videos, which show the people in their lives that they’re grateful for. We couldn’t be more thankful for them letting us into their world and seeing some of their vulnerable sides as well.

3. One Way Or Another (Teenage Kicks) 

In 2013, One Direction recorded a mash-up of Blondie’s “One Way or Another” from 1979 and The Undertones’ “Teenage Kicks” from 1978. The single was released as a part of Red Nose Day where One Direction fundraised by doing something funny for money. It’s one of our favourites for two reasons: 1) We always love seeing their funny sides as proved above. 2) These boys have some of the biggest hearts in the entertainment industry.

2. Best Song Ever

‘Best Song Ever’ was the lead single from One Direction’s third album ‘Midnight Memories’. The music video for the song was more like a short film rather than a video. In the video, each boy portrays a different character, something they all succeeds as. We would be lying if we said that we weren’t all in love with Zayn Malik’s alter ego Veronica.

1. History

Our favourite One Direction music video of all time is without a doubt ‘History’. This video shows the boys’ six-year journey from the start up until their hiatus began in December last year. Everything these five people have been through is shown in this emotional video, and whenever we feel like we need a good cry, we’re watching this.

THANK YOU One Direction for six tough, but incredible years. We are so proud of all of you and we cannot wait to see what the future holds for you; both as individuals and as a group.

Written by Josephine Sjelhøj

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