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Six of the most spectacular moments from Take That’s previous tours

We’re officially one month away from the opening night of Take That’s Greatest Hits tour, and here at CelebMix we couldn’t be more excited.

Take That are well known for being quite possibly the most phenomenal showmen in the industry and they never fail to put on an incredible spectacle each time they tour.

Since their reunion tour in 2006, we’ve been treated to some of the most iconic moments in live music history. From human carousels to a giant robot, we’ve seen it all and we can’t help but wonder what Take That will pull out of the bag once their Greatest Hits tour kicks off in April.

Whilst Gary, Howard and Mark are currently in rehearsals and preparing for tour, we’ve decided to take a look back at some of the most spectacular moments from Take That’s tours to date.

6. Wonderland’s Human Carousel

Take That’s most recent tour was Wonderland, a visually breathtaking in-the-round show. With the stage in the centre of the venues, it gave the trio a chance to explore different ideas including the incredible human carousel during ‘It’s All For You’.

Whilst we’ve become accustomed to a big prop in Take That’s shows over the years, the human carousel was so special and truly effective within the setting.

5. III’s Flying Bike

2015’s III tour was captivating from start to finish – who can forget the clever shadow puppetry during ‘The Garden’ and Howard and Mark’s stunning contemporary routine to ‘Flaws’?

However, one of the most stand out moments was ‘Portrait’, which saw the trio fly above the audience in a bike and side car. Not only was it a fantastic visual experience, but it allowed Gary, Howard and Mark to get closer to the audience.


4. Progress’ Om the Robot

The Progress tour was the talk of the town as it saw Take That reunite as a five-piece on the stage. However, another massive talking point (quite literally) was Om the Robot, a 60ft mechanical robot man which eventually stood tall within the stadium.

It was a phenomenal prop, although poor Mark and Howard did get trapped in the palms of Om during a show in Manchester!

3. The Ultimate Tour’s Apache

We will never not be obsessed with the Apache segment from The Ultimate Tour and we have everything crossed that Take That will pay tribute to it during their tour.

Featuring the 10 commandments that each boyband member must follow, a mind-blowing dance sequence (including moves from Mr Barlow), and a stirring harmony/vocal section, Apache remains iconic to this day.

2. The Circus’ Clowning Around

If we had to pick a favourite Take That tour from over the years, it would most definitely be The Circus. Every inch of the staging embraced the circus theme, and of course, you cannot have a circus without clowns and we met four of the best during this tour.

‘What Is Love’ allowed the band to get their clown faces on in the most perfect way, whilst the medley was quite simply out of this world. Take That used the section to showcase their vivacious personalities, dance moves and unicycle skills (or child’s bike skills in Gary’s case), before rounding things off with the poignant ‘Said It All’.

1. The Circus’ Elephant

Of course The Circus is going to take the top spot in our list of spectacular moments. As we mentioned earlier, the circus theme was perfectly captured throughout and every inch of the show was carefully thought out to create the most sensational and memorable performance.

A moment which always stands out for us is ‘The Garden’. The song is a huge rousing anthem as it is, however, when Take That performed it on top of a huge mechanical elephant, it took on a completely new lease of life.

The elephant carried them from one stage to another and quite frankly we’ve never seen anything like it. Everything about it was completely mesmerising, including the dancer who acts as the elephant’s tail. Anyone who went to one of The Circus shows were truly given a visual feast, in addition to the band’s pitch perfect vocals.

Are you excited for Take That’s Greatest Hits Tour? What are you hoping to see/hear on the tour? What’s been your favourite moment from their previous tours? Let us know on Twitter @CelebMix

Written by Katrina Rees

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