Six Years Of Jedward – The Story Continues!

Six years of Jedward! You’ll remember our story last year covering their first five years in the entertainment industry – but how much have they done since then!

By this time last year John and Edward had released the first of their own songs, ‘Free Spirit’, showing clearly the direction they intended to take – encouraging their fans to be themselves, not be afraid of being different, to live outside the box – to be free spirits. Since then they’ve released four more songs: ‘Ferocious’, which co-starred Tara Reid and was about standing up to bullying and not letting the poison spiders of the world get to you; ‘Make Your Own Luck’ which featured cameos from Perez Hilton, Stalker Sarah and Margaret Cho and was about following your dreams; ‘Oh Hell No’, a rap/trap/crunk number which was also the title track for Sharknado 3, and finally, released this month, ‘Leave A Mark’ – a song about leaving a lasting legacy on the world, with a video that included archival footage of no fewer than 25 people, films and events which have left a mark on the world.

We referred to Sharknado 3 – ever since the series first started back in 2013 it’s been rumoured that John and Edward might have a part in the film. This year the rumours were true, seeing the Dublin twins on a roller coaster and telling April Wexler (played by Tara Reid) that they’d not seen her daughter. It was the briefest of cameos, but they definitely made an impression, and were chosen to promote the made for television movie in the UK – which they did with considerable gusto…–tvN04HyY

Back in May John and Edward modelled for Jean-Paul Gaultier at the Life Ball in Vienna, Austria. The pair are no strangers to high fashion, attending Milan Fashion Week in 2012 as guests of DSquared and Roberto Cavalli. This time however was the first time they took to the catwalk, dressed by Gaultier himself, who described the pair as ‘Twin Angels’.

Last weekend John and Edward performed at Total Access Live, near Crewe, where they were the stand out act of the day. Earlier that week they sang at Kasbah Coventry. In June they were the headline act at Blackpool Pride – and they’ll return to Blackpool for the Illuminations Switch On next month as part of a lineup including Professor Green, The Vamps and Lawson.

What next for Jedward? The twins have more songs and videos to release, and with that concerts and public appearances. They’ll undoubtedly spend more time in Los Angeles, with the rumours currently suggesting they may appear in Sharknado 4, as their characters were not killed off in Sharknado 3. More modelling is possible, as Gaultier was very impressed by them. Whatever they do, they’re leaving their mark, and it’s on their terms and in their time. Congratulations John and Edward! Here’s to another six years and more!

Written by CelebMix