Skam Season Four Has Officially Started

Skam fans from all over the world have shared their excitement today as season four has finally started.

Skam is a popular Norwegian TV series that has captured the hearts of many all over the world. Its relatable characters and storylines have drawn so many people in and that’s definitely been shown today. On Saturday, the trailer for the new season was released, along with the fact that season four would actually be the last season. But, that hasn’t stopped the excitement of fans over seeing their favourite characters in action one last time.

As soon as the first clip was posted today, the fandom was full of excitement. Social media was immediately the place to be for people outside of Norway who were yet to see it. Popular characters such as Isak, Even, Jonas, Vilde and Noora were talking points, as well as the main character of the season, Sana. The fandom have already been talking about theories on what is going to happen this season. And, they’re not the only ones who are excited to see what happens, we are too.

In true Skam fashion, the first clip was jam packed with drama and excitement. It was a true introduction into what we can expect from this season. As well as the more light hearted and fun side to the season, we can see that as usual, Skam will be dealing with more hard topics too and exploring into Sana’s religion.

But one thing’s for sure, we’re excited to see how this season goes!

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Written by CelebMix