Slaves cover Justin Bieber’s “Sorry”

Five-piece American band Slaves have covered Justin Bieber‘s hit song Sorry for all the internet to hear.

The cover sparked a divided amongst the fans; whilst some thoroughly enjoyed it, others felt that more could have been done post-production to enhance the cover’s sound.

We’ll let you choose which fans you side with:


If you like the sound, the guys have an entire catalogue of music for you to catch up on! Slaves’ have released two albums since starting, Through Art We Are All Equals and Routine Breathing, released 2014 and 2015 respectively.

If you’re based in the States then be sure to catch them on their Us Against The World tour. The tour kicks off in Fresno, California on March 9th. They’ll be playing in places like Houston, Dallas, and Seattle all throughout March and the beginning of April.

Check out their website here for a full list of the dates and venues, as well as where to buy tickets.

Written by CelebMix