The Slow Mo Guys’ Top 10 Videos

The Slow Mo Guys, Gavin Free and Daniel Gruchy, are two lads from England who produce and post slow motion videos on YouTube. Their channel has over 7.4 million subscribers  and 836,864,613 total video views to date.

They are known for filming weird and wonderful things in slow motion, so we put together 10 of their most popular videos for you to watch and enjoy.

10. Paint Exploding at 15,000fps

Posted: April 11th 2013

Views: 14M+

Likes: 116k+

Filmed At: 15,000 FPS

In this video, Gavin and Dan put bangers into paint in glass bottles. The result is explosive. It makes for a beautiful display of colours, even if there is glass flying everywhere.

9. Football to the face

Posted: November 27th 2010

Views: 14.3M+

Likes: 80k+

Dan unluckily gets the job of getting a football thrown at his head in this video.

8. Taser Impact On Skin at 28,000 FPS

Posted: September 10th 2015

Views: 14.4M+

Likes: 115k+

Filmed At: 28,000 FPS

Who doesn’t want to watch taser probes being taken out?!

7. EPIC Mentos and Coke

Posted: September 27th 2011

Views: 14.4M+

Likes: 112k+

Filmed at: 2,500 FPS + 1,500 FPS

Mentos and Coke challenge…with epic music!

6. Rubber Bands Vs Watermelon

Posted: July 18th 2012

Views: 14.6M+

Likes: 97k

Filmed at: 1,600 FPS

How to go a long way for a short cut when slicing a melon in half.

5. Jelly Tennis


Posted: September 30th 2015

Views: 16.5M+

Likes: 166k+

Filmed at: 2,500 FPS

In this video, Gavin and Dan decide to play tennis with some jelly, and end up in a sticky situation.


4. Water Condom Head Balloon


Posted: October 16th 2012

Views: 22.1M+

Likes: 153k+

Filmed at: 1,000 FPS

In this video, Dan is, yet again, at the thick of the situation. This time, with a condom over his head, full with water.


3. Underwater Bullets at 27,000fps

Posted: July 22nd 2013

Views: 26.2M+

Likes: 174k+

Filmed at: 27,000 FPS

Find out how bullets are fired from an underwater gun in this video!

2. 6ft Man in 6ft Giant Water Balloon


Posted: July 21st 2015

Views: 51M+

Likes: 355k+

Filmed at: 1,000 FPS

The second most popular video is a twist on what is coincidently, the most watched video.

1. Giant 6ft Water Balloon


Posted: May 3rd 2011

Views: 127M+

Likes: 575k+

Filmed at: 2,500 + 1,000 FPS

Here it is! The most popular video. This video is the classic Slow Mo Guys video that exploded online when it was released. Putting a spin on the classic slow motion balloon pop, they showed what it would be like if that balloon was 6ft and needed 2 people to pop it.

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Written by CelebMix