SM Entertainment releases Shinin’ from Jonghyun’s new album “Poet|Artist”

As Maya Angelou once said,

“…people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

One of the reasons why music is so widely consumed and why artists are highly regarded is because of music’s ability to help people feel intangible emotions which they usually fail to express.

Jonghyun wrote songs that comforted his colleagues, his fans and his loved ones. Probably, it was also his escape from his struggles. Therefore, any memory of the singer will always comprise of music, especially the one he liked and composed.

Earlier, we reported that SM Entertainment , as a tribute to late Jonghyun, has announced the release of the album “Poet|Artist”. On 22nd January, the label released the music video for the single “Shinin'”.

Shinin’ is one of the songs from the new album.


Shinin’ is a love song that talks about one’s desire to always be with the loved one.

Sonically, the sound for the single is rejuvenating and quite upbeat. In terms of musicality, the song is just another example of the kind of polished singer Jonghyun was. Combining high and low notes effortlessly, the single showcased the singer’s versatility and gave a subtle reminder of his vocal prowess.

For a music lover who might want to cover it, the single will definitely pose a tough challenge.

Music Video

The music video for the single is vibrant and refreshing. A single watch can enlighten one’s mood. Within just two days, the MV has garnered over 4 million views on YouTube.

The make believe music studio invites listeners to join the singer and compose their own love song.

The album is a beautiful tribute to the late singer. Jonghyun contributed his life to music and his works and personality with always be in the memories of his fans.

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