Social Media Honors Women on International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day is a date marked to celebrate women and their achievements, to honor women in their contribution towards building up society, and to show the world that equality is important.  Social media plays a big part in this by giving young adults a platform to voice their opinion about social issues and brainstorm ways to remove social evils.  On International Women’s Day, many take to Social Media to convey messages of support to women everywhere.

Twitter, which is famous for breaking news to the world within minutes, has come up with a wonderful hashtag #IWD2016 for the event of the International Women’s Day 2016. This tag is curating all posts related to Women’s Day under one banner. Many other websites and brands have taken to Twitter and Instagram to uphold the ideals of gender equality, social injustices, and individual contributions.

The Global Goals have taken up a very sensitive issue – gender equality. Men and women together constitute mankind and they should be given equal rights. Gender Inequality is a major social injustice, with certain jobs exclusively designed for men as well as unequal wages for men and women of the same job. These are just a few issues that span from gender inequality.

United Nations has directed it’s attention towards healthcare of women during pregnancy. This is an issue which is often overshadowed but deserves attention. Maternal healthcare is a major issue in contemporary times especially in conflict prone areas, with refugee crisis, water shortages, and sanitation issues.  Maternal health needs to be more carefully monitored because if a mother is healthy then the children, who are the future of the world, have a better chance at being healthy too.

Microsoft Australia has tweeted about woman empowerment in a different way. The very tagline which shows not everything is ‘man’ made, urges women to take a step forward and indulge themselves into ‘women’ made things.

UNWomen put up some photographs on Instagram depicting women marches, charitable causes, and various other women centric issues worldwide.

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March 8 is International Women's Day! #IWD2016

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P&G renowned brand celebrates womanhood in the following video. It breaks all stereotypes, promotes confidence, and shows that the world believes in the power of women.

UNESCO salutes that every woman has a unique story to tell. Their hashtag #SheIsInspiration is truly motivating. It shows that woman are able to achieve anything if they believe in themselves.

Of course, on Women’s Day, feminism is very important.  Feminism is more than just an idea, and while it may just be a word, the scope of it is enormous.  It is important to note that feminism encompasses more than just women, it is just as important for men to be feminists too. Thus, International Women’s Day is incomplete without the other side of the coin – men. Their attitude towards women, their respect, and their sensitivity towards women-centric issues help to eliminate social evils against women and make the world a more fair place for everyone.

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Written by CelebMix