Social Media Stars See What The Haters Have To Say

Jimmy Kimmel is back at it with Celebrities Read Mean Tweets, but this time he has a special Creator edition ahead of VidCon this weekend.

Jimmy gathered up a mighty group of popular Youtuber’s for this weeks segment, and we were not disappointed. The likes of Lily Singh, Kingsley and Tyler Oakley all had their share of reading some harsh tweets about themselves. Some laughed it off and some sassed-back incredibly.

Tyler Oakley
Tyler Oakley reading mean tweets

Tyler Oakley, 27, got his shot at reading a nasty comment directed at him. This hater said “tyler oakley is so annoying why does he think that every situation needs his stty input fk outta here hoe”.

Uhm rude much? Anyway Tyler, shook the comment on by having a good laugh straight at the camera.

Youtuber, Kinglsey read out “@kingsleyyy I’m tryna do homework shut up,”. He swiftly sassed back with a raised eyebrow and “If you’re tryna do homework why the f**k are you on Twitter?” ooh burn!

Youtube star and vlogger Lily Singh had a similar sassy response to her hater. “@IISuperwomanII ur videos was worst,” she read, and then proceeded to respond with “Well, your English was worster”.

Founders of VidCon Hank Green and John Green also stepped in to make an appearance in this video. “I stumbled upon a Hank Green video,” another twitter hater posted. “And it was the most annoying thing I have ever clicked on. And I thought his brother was a douche.” John gave out a sarcastic sigh. Ouch, guess he’s really feeling that blow, NOT!

You can check out their response as well as everyone else’s down in the video below, and then make sure to let us know what you think on Twitter @CelebMix.

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Written by CelebMix