Five Songs That Make Fans Believe in One Direction

With the hiatus now in full swing, news of solo contracts has left some One Direction fans feeling a bit wary of the future. It’s during times such as these that fans can turn to the music. One Direction’s discography contains numerous songs that send messages of love, hope, and a sense of belonging. To remind those who may be worrying, we’ve compiled a list of One Direction songs that make us believe in our boys.

5. Through The Dark

From the album “Midnight Memories,” Through the Dark depicts the dedication to helping someone in the midst of their darkest moments, getting through it together.

Key lyrics: When the night is coming down on you / We will find a way through the dark

The significance lies in the fact that the lyrics say “we will find a way.” Whatever the troubled person is going through, they won’t be on their own; the burden will be shared and carried together.

4. Fireproof

The great thing about music is that it’s up to the interpretation of the listener. The concept of being fireproof refers to being exposed to the elements yet withstanding those flames. While this can certainly be applied to a romantic relationship, it can also be seen as the relationship between One Direction and their fans; though they may face adversity, they will endure– together.

Key lyrics: Cause nobody saves me, baby, the way you do 

3. I Want To Write You A Song

Though the lads are off pursuing exciting new ventures, we’re lucky enough to have songs such as this one to soothe any worries.

Key lyrics: I want to write you a song / One to make your heart remember me / So any time I’m gone / You can listen to my voice and sing along

While they may be “gone” at the moment, this song is the best example of words put into action. As if our hearts could ever forget!

2. History

When your heart is filled with doubt, give this song a listen. This fan anthem tells of a bond that was created, and the hope for the future.

Key lyrics: This is not the end / This is not the end / We can make it, you know it, you know

Again, music is up to the interpretation of the listener, and we’re interpreting this one quite literally. This song stands as a promise between an artist and their fans.

1. Home

One Direction have long provided a sense of home to their fans. Their concerts are a safe space where all are welcome to come as they are. For some, this is the only place where they’re allowed to do so. This song soon became somewhat of an anthem within the LGBTQ+ community.

Key lyrics: And it’s alright / Calling out for somebody to hold tonight / When you’re lost, I’ll find the way / I’ll be your light / You’ll never feel like you’re alone / I’ll make this feel like home

Sending a message of hope, love and understanding, Home reflects these characteristics that can be found in these four boys. If you can’t find those things anywhere else, this song lets you know that you’ll always have them here.

For some, the cycle of a new album, promo, and touring has become a routine part of their lives. To have that routine change after years can be difficult. While you’re navigating the waters, learning to adjust, remind yourselves of these songs and the promises held within them.

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Written by CelebMix