Songs That Make Us Think Of Harry Styles

Have you ever seen a tweet from Harry Styles and immediately copied it’s content into a google search? You’re not alone, we’ve all done it, and in most cases those searches have introduced us to a world of new music that we’d either never heard of, or forgotten.

From The Rolling Stones and David Bowie to Augustana and even Beyonce, Harry’s music taste has helped all of us to expand our own music libraries but perhaps even more important than that, it’s brought us a bit closer to who he is as a person. The music someone loves says a lot about them – sometimes the lyrics say things that they can’t, sometimes the beat shows a bit about their outgoing personality, and sometimes a collection of songs can describe a person better than any adjectives that exist.

That is true for Harry, more so than most people, and through his tweets, his style, and the songs he sings on stage in moments between One Direction’s own songs; Harry has given us a glimpse into his spirit – and it’s incredible.

For those of you who are missing Harry as much as we are, and looking for a way to have bits of him in your daily mix – we put together a playlist of songs that make us think of Hazza. Listen to it when you’re getting ready, dancing around your kitchen, or on a mid-afternoon drive – there’s a song for every emotion.

Written by Ashley

Writer, coffee drinker, mother.