Songs we’d Love Louis Tomlinson to cover

Here at CelebMix we love listening to music and we often find ourselves listening to songs and thinking oh we’d love to hear Louis Tomlinson cover this track. So we’ve put together a list of songs we’d love to hear him cover.


We think this would really suit Louis and the unique tone of voice. Plus the lyrics really fit his journey as a singer/songwriter in our opinion. He started on X Factor not getting any solos while on the live shows, to becoming the writing powerhouse and responsible for some of One Directions best loved songs.


Lost- Dermot Kennedy

We’d love to see Louis do a stripped back acoustic version of this,with just a piano as we think he’d put a unique twist on it.

Rock The World- The Script

In the One Direction fandom it’s a well known fact that both Louis and bandmate Harry Styles were at the same Script gig in Manchester way before they were ever in the band together or knew each other. We think Rock the World from The Script’s last album Freedom Child, fits perfectly with Louis’s own lyrical style.

Kills You Slowly- The Chain Smokers

Louis singing any song by The Chain Smokers would be interesting to see as they like him write emotive, straight talking lyrics that everyone can relate to.

Secret- The Veronicas


We think Louis would do a brilliant version of this song. Be it a full on uptempo rendition or a laid back acoustic version, we would just love to see him put his own stamp on this, as he’s such an emotive singer, we think he’d give this song a whole new dimension we haven’t heard before.

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Written by Kelly McFarland

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