Sophia Smith Makes Instagram Account Public

The majority of the One Direction fandom were heartbroken a couple of weeks back when rumours broke out that Liam and his beloved ex girlfriend Sophia, who was loved by the fandom, had parted ways.

Liam confirmed the news indirectly at One Direction’s last show in Sheffield one week ago today, asking the audience if they’ve ever had their hearts broken, with Liam sadly replying back to the crowd of thousands “mine too.”

Sophia has always been known to be a very private person, who didn’t want to let the fact of her dating Liam destroy their private life. In many interviews, Liam has said that the reason why he became initially so drawn to Sophia was because of her shyness and humbleness.

But now, a couple of weeks after the breakup, Sophia has for the first time ever, made her instagram account @sophiaxsmith, public.

Fans are once again heartbroken, after seeing series of extremely cute comments Liam had left on a variety of Sophia’s photos.

Here are my favourites:

  1. Liam making fun of Sophia for copying his hat selfie
    Liam Payne's Ex Sophia Smith Makes Instagram Account Public 1
  2. Liam giving Sophia the guilt trip

Liam Payne's Ex Sophia Smith Makes Instagram Account Public 2

The fandom at this time is also extremely grateful to Sophia, as she has not been malicious in any way, and has taken down any photos she has originally posted of her and Liam. Liam on the other hand, after the last Sheffield show, unfollowed her on Instagram, which fans only started to notice after a couple of days later.

It’s a shame that such a sweet couple had to end the beautiful relationship they shared, but if they felt it was for the best, then so be it.

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Written by Sureya Ali

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