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David Guetta and Sorana Join Forces On Kanye-West approved “redruM”

You definitely know her voice and the songs she has written on but you may not know her name (just yet). With her latest release, singer-songwriter Sorana will make sure to change that little fact.

You probably heard of a song titled “Heartbreak Anthem“, performed by one of UK’s biggest girl groups, Little Mix, right? And you might also be a huge Ava Max fan or have heard one of The Chainsmokers’ songs when they came on the radio. It might come as a surprise but they all share one common denominator: the talented LA-based Sorana. She has stayed in the shadows and written hit after hit for other artists over the last couple of years, with great success. 1 billion streams as a songwriter later, she is now ready to step into the spotlight and get her name out into the world.

Some artists go big when they launch their solo career, Sorana decided to go even bigger. Her first release, titled “redruM”, sees her team up with star DJ David Guetta. The two of them met during their collaboration on aforementioned “Heartbreak Anthem” (which was co-produced by Guetta). As if that wasn’t big enough already, “redruM” also features the artist formerly known as Kanye West (indirectly) as the song interpolates his song “Heartless”. The choice was even approved by Ye himself.

Together, David Guetta and Sorana created a pop-dance masterpiece: dark bass lines meet Guetta’s characteristic synthy production style. The song underline the singer’s painful exploration of her own heart ache as she compares the pain of it to murder (notice how redruM is Murder spelled backwards?). It’s a song that beautifully showcases Sorana’s knack for catchy hooks and artful storytelling as well as David Guetta’s ability to craft sleek productions. This one’s made to be played over and over again and will get stuck in your head for a while (we promise).

Listen to the track right here:

Sorana also released a stunning video for her first solo release. The visuals were inspired by horror movie classic “The Shining” and result in probably one of the most aesthetically-pleasing music videos we have seen over the last couple of months. The viewer gets to experience the singer haunting the hallways, equipped with a bloody knife, sexy plateau boots and her glowing blue ponytails. Sorana is a true neon demon in this fun horror movie extravaganza.

Watch the video right here:

“redruM” was released on Friday via What A DJ Limited under exclusive license to Warner Music. It is available to stream and purchase on the digital retailer and streaming service of your choice. Find yours by clicking here.

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