Spencer Sutherland Has A New Mashup Video

Earlier this week we brought you an exclusive interview with Spencer Sutherland, a singer-songwriter from Ohio who is chasing his dreams all over the world.  From covers of today’s best songs, to his own music and videos, Spencer has a soulful vibe and falsettos that make your knees weak, we can’t get enough of him.

Luckily, Spencer just dropped a new music video for “Exchange x White Iverson” and now we have another show of his talent to get acquainted with – and by that we mean we’re going to keep it on repeat for days!


“White Iverson” is a song that’s probably already in your head – and when added to “Exchange” the mashup that is produced is absolutely intoxicating!  Spencer’s voice on the track hits high notes at all the right moments, has a few runs that are perfectly timed, and the video is absolutely aesthetically pleasing – this is a total banger!

If you haven’t watched his other videos yet, make sure you check out his YouTube channel – with his motivation, dedication, and talent, you’ll be hearing a lot more out of him in the forseeable future.  We can’t wait.

Written by Ashley

Writer, coffee drinker, mother.