From The Spice Girls To Little Mix: The Magical Power Of Girl Groups Over The Years

Girl groups are a wonder; a force so strong that no one realizes how much impact these acts have made over the years.

We’ve been blessed with many girl group acts in our life time and we’d just like to take a moment to thank all these groups for coming in and taking the world by storm. From the outlandish, fun and zealous energy from The Spice Girls, the R&B realness of TLC, the rock fusion edge of En Vogue, to this decades leading ladies, Little Mix & Fifth Harmony: every girl group has helped pass on the flame of Girl Power.

We also can’t forget the Supremes, The Shirelles, SNSD (Girls Generation), The Wonder Girls, The Ronette’s, Bananarama, PCD, Atomic Kitten, Destiny’s Child, The Sugababes, The Shangri-Las, etc. Each new decade girl group has brought a new appeal and a new edge; an edge that has allowed the representation of women to be showcased through unity and the empowerment of women worldwide.

Male pop stars, boy bands, etc have always co-existed with female acts, duo’s and girl groups/bands, but the realization is that women are continuously scrutinized for their bodies and their right to freedom. Yes, men can also be attacked for their appearance and way of representation, but it just so happens that women get negatively hit a tad harder.

Social constructs have truly ruined the power of the woman which is why empowerment and the positive reinforcement of women worldwide is important. Women and men should be equal, and women have yet to reach that pinnacle. But thanks to our beautiful girl groups of the past and present, perhaps one day that heightened boost will give women the righteous equality they truly deserve.

Even then, we still think they are rocking it out!

Now, don’t think girl power is out of the woods; the best selling girl group of the 2010 decade, Little Mix, are beautifully showing their talent through tight-knit harmonies, and strong friendship.

Let’s also not forget U.S. girl group Fifth Harmony, a group with the best selling girl group single in Billboard history.

We want to give a massive congratulations and a million thank you’s to these latter girl groups for giving there all in a decade where girl groups have gone on a huge decline. The vacancy of girl power has been filled finally and we only hope that girls around the world realize that they have the power to do anything they want, and that they shouldn’t be scared to follow their dreams.

Remember, every girl group, fan or not, should be respected for their input into the music industry. This isn’t about competition. This is about uniting women to become stronger. Bickering, fighting, bashing – are all useless pleas for attention.

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Written by Dannii C.

girl group advocate. latino. prospective teacher. multi-instrumentalist. self-proclaimed Twitter-ologist @oscahhhhh.