We Spoke With Dan and Phil Fans To Find Out Why They Love Them So Much

Dan and Phil are arguably two of the biggest YouTubers. Not only do they both have successful channels, together they have a successful gaming channel, one published book and one to be released, a world tour, and two movies in the works. However, all of their accomplishments wouldn’t be possible without their loyal fanbase. They support Dan and Phil on all of their many avenues. But, the relationship between Dan and Phil and their fans is often much more deep and meaningful.

CelebMix took the time to speak to some Dan and Phil fans from around the world, and this is what they had to say.

Emily/17/Washington: “With a loyal fanbase and nearly 10 million subscribers on YouTube combined, one begs the question, what makes Dan and Phil so special? Well, I could just about supply you with an endless list of reasons, but we don’t have time for that now, so I’ll keep this short and sweet. They’re quirky, creative, silly, and charismatic, but what really drew me in was the genuine relationship they maintain with their audience. It can sometimes seem weird relating to two strangers on the internet on such a personal level, but that’s what sets Dan and Phil apart from other YouTubers. Despite not knowing them personally, watching their videos is similar to socializing with a friend. You can easily relate to them and understand what they’re feeling, and it almost seems like they can understand what you’re feeling as well. Not only that, but they’re constantly looking for ways to get their audience involved in nearly everything that they do. They genuinely care about us and want us to feel as if we’re a part of their world. They don’t just view us as fans, they view us as people.”

Elisa/14/Ohio: “I have been watching Dan and Phil for about 2-3 years and I love their personalities! While a lot of the content on YouTube is the same and has click bait, Dan and Phil are always creative with making their own video ideas and never use click bait. Phil is such a genuinely nice person who is always positive in his videos and I can always count on his videos to make me happy, and Dan’s videos never fails to make me laugh. Dan and Phil are so great to their da base as they’re always creating for us. They’ve created a tour called “the amazing tour is not on fire” that is so creative and funny and while touring they’ve been making us videos and they wrote a book. They are so interactive with their fans and are always finding ways for us to interact with them, weather it’s in videos, their book, Merch, and even their tour. Both of them make me so happy and I’ve met so many people who are now close friends because of them. I’m so glad that a couple years ago I found these two dorks on YouTube, as they’ve made my life so much better.”

Trinity/15/US: “I think I really like Dan and Phil because I enjoy their content but also make they seem like really good, nice people. And all the content they create is like that, it’s pure and not mean and they’re never trying to start drama. They’re just funny and kindhearted and just trying to make people happy and I really like that!!!”

Dominique/16/California: “I think the reason I personally admire Dan and Phil is because of how relatable they can be. Not like ‘lol so relatable’, but more like they’ve come from making low quality videos on Windows Movie Maker with a cheap black and white camera to having a live show and a book and they’ve shown and recorded themselves growing up and you can see them every step of the way. When someone you know starts to share their stories, gives you advice and makes you laugh, either on camera or in person, you’ll become attached to them as you would a real friend who’d do the same.

“I can compare myself to their stories and little issues and it makes me think, “Wow, Dan and Phil were just like me and maybe I’ll grow up to be as influential or end up to be as happy as they are. It gives me hope and helps me get through my life knowing that I can be weird and problematic now but there’s really no telling what I can do of I really put my mind and heart into it.”

Rylee/13/US: “I love Dan and Phil because they make me so happy. When Dan was a teenager, he didn’t have a best friend, and I feel the same way. They give me so much hope and somehow assure me that everything will be okay. Without saying anything about it, they let me know that I’ll get a wonderful best friend or partner someday too. They inspire me to be creative about everyday life, they cheer me up when I’m moody. If I’m having an awful day, I just go to their gaming channel, pick a random video, and I feel better. I will always love them for being so real, inspiring, creative, and wonderful!”

Gabriela/16/Canada: “When I first discovered Dan and Phil, I didn’t think it would change my life. As it turns out, it did. I went through some hard times a while back and Dan and Phil managed to make me smile when I didn’t think I could anymore. Not to mention they’ve created a community full of incredible people where I’ve made amazing friends and feel like I truly belong. Dan is a funny, loud, and very relatable guy who knows how to eloquently put his thoughts into words. Phil is weird in the most wonderful way as well as one of the sweetest people you’ll ever have the pleasure to know. The effort they put into everything they do from their videos, to their book, to their tour is mind-blowing. They’re both creative, hardworking, talented, and best of all, they care about their fans almost as much as we care about them.”

Claire/19/France: “I like Dan and Phil for a lot of reasons, but I think the most important to me is that they make me laugh.  When I first started watching YouTube videos, it was because they made me laugh at a time in my life where I wasn’t laughing very much on my own.  Now it’s been years, but when I’m deciding which videos to watch, I still tend to decide based on what makes me laugh the most.  That’s something Dan and Phil never fail to do.”

Chloe/18/UK: “Dan and Phil are two of the sweetest, nicest people ever. I know that no matter what, Dan and Phil will always make me smile with their newest video. Their awkwardness and relatability makes me feel better about my own awkwardness, especially Dan’s reasons why he’s a fail. They’re proof that the Internet can be something wonderful and bring people together.”

Anonymous: “I love dan and Phil because when I found out about them about 6 years ago I didn’t have any friends in school and everyday I’d come home and do my homework and go straight to watching them, I felt like I had friends for the first time and that made me a happy little 10 year old. I feel as if ive grown up with them and They’re the only youtubers that have consistently been around to make me smile and even now 6 years later they still make me feel like I’ve someone to turn to when I’m at my loneliest of times. I wish I could finally get to meet them tbh. They make me so proud each and every day and that’s why I’m a fan or Dan and Phil.”

One person we talked to, Dominique, put together a video featuring more people than we could ever squeeze into an article talking about how much Dan and Phil mean to them in honor of Dan and Phil’s tour:

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Written by CelebMix