Stealth’s “I Don’t Need Your Love” Music Video is Here!

Stealth launches cinematic new music video for neo-soul single “I Don’t Need Your Love”.

This promising singer from Birmingham is getting ready for the release of his debut EP “Intro” on March 25th by launching two tracks and a music video. Described to have gravelly vocals that are both soulful and soul-stirring, this singer-songwriter nailed everything with I Don’t Need Your Love, from the single to the music video.

The Single

Stealth’s powerful vocals accompanied by a backdrop of brooding hums and resonant percussion makes I Don’t Need Your Love a blues-y and soulful single that really proves this Brummie singer-songwriter’s status as one of UK’s most talented breakthrough male vocalists.

In an interview by Coup de Main magazine, Stealth said that I Don’t Need Your Love is a song about the things that we want to say out loud when we are involved in damaging relationships but we are unable to say them no matter the need to do so. He says: “I think everyone at one point in their life has maintained a relationship with someone or something that isn’t necessarily best for them, but they continue to damage themselves or someone else because it’s easy. And I just wanted to write a song that said the things that went through our mind in this situation, that we don’t necessarily say, but we should because at the end of the day it’s better for all involved.”

With its relaxing tune and move message, this is definitely a song that should be on everyone’s playlist. We recommend playing it during the rainy season while you’re sitting by the window with a cup of tea in your hand. However, we also recommend playing this song everywhere you go.

The Music Video

Stealth said that I Don’t Need Your Love is a single about the things that we want to say but we can’t say them which makes the “support group” theme of the music video very appropriate and more soul-stirring than just listening to the song alone.

The music video is very cinematic and starts with Stealth walking into the session hall of the support group with the song’s brooding hums intro setting the mood. Various kinds of people take their seats and lip-sync to the song as if they are discussing the most pressing issues in their lives.

For every person emphasized, a flashback plays making the video more moving and intense.

It is absolutely remarkable that, with the singer’s purpose for writing the song, the video is set in a support group session where everyone offers their support in times of weakness.

It is rare in the music industry that we get music videos that are related to the song in a deep, emotional and moving way.

We cannot wait to see more of Stealth and we are excited for the release of his debut EP.

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