Stephen Hawking Calls On One Direction For Help

In a bid to save the world, Stephen Hawking has reached out to One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson and Liam Payne (and former member, Zayn Malik).

In the month just passed, the official twitter account for the “Global Goals” tweeted the boys personalised video messages from Stephen Hawking.

For those of you who are unaware, the Global Goals (for Sustainable Development) are 17 visions for the future, all of which have been committed to by 193 world leaders. The set of goals aims to end poverty, tackle environmental issues and rectify social inequality in the next 15 years. Specific goals include: quality education, gender equality and climate action.

The people behind these goals have already enlisted the aid of Rita Ora, Bono and Cate Blanchett. The “Global Goals” account tweeted:

“@Louis_Tomlinson You are one of a select few chosen by Stephen Hawking to raise awareness for the #globalgoals”

Similar sentiments were sent to the other two boys, saying “the time to act is now” and “Stephen Hawking believes we can make a difference in the world”.

Stephen Hawking has previously spoken about One Direction, with his humorous (extremely uplifting) theory that, if parallel universes really did exist, Zayn could still be part of One Direction in said universes. However, what we’re dealing with here isn’t a parallel universe.

We’re talking about the world we live in.

With short videos attached, the tweets have amounted around 16,000 retweets combined. As of yet, none of the three boys have seen the messages, but it doesn’t have to remain so.

There are numerous reasons why the boys (all five of them) need to answer Stephen Hawking’s call and to get involved. The influence One Direction has over the pioneering minds of the future – us – is second to none. If one of the boys – all of whom boast seven figure Twitter follower counts – simply retweeted Hawking’s video, imagine how many people, fans or otherwise, would see the campaign, the statistics and the teetering future of the world.

Continue the determination and passion from the #action1d project (which, with action/2015, was a subproject of this Global Goals campaign). Participate in the events listed on the website!

A small, but certainly important, role you can play is tweeting the boys about the Global Goals and retweeting the messages directed at Louis, Liam and Zayn from Stephen Hawking. By tweeting the boys, we have a real chance of getting them to notice, projecting the message and shaping our world.

We know the boys of One Direction care about our planet, its people and its wildlife – it’s just a matter of getting them to notice this campaign.

Watch the #action1d mini-film to get inspired:


Written by CelebMix