Stephen Puth releases Look Away music video

Stephen Puth has released the music video for Look Away.

The eagerly awaited music video is the companion his latest single Look Away which he co-wrote with his brother Charlie.

We recently had a chat with him about the song and working with his brother, Stephen told us that “Writing with my brother was a great experience. We work really well together in the studio and learn a lot from one another.” You can read the full interview here.

Stephen released previous single Half Gone earlier this year.

Talking about the inspiration for Look Away he said it’s “about the downside of a relationship. The moment leading up to the break-up and you can’t look at each other in the eyes anymore. The connection you once had has completely faded.”

Let us know what you think of the music video, would you like Stephen to work with Charlie again? at @CelebMix!


Written by Kelly McFarland

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