Steve Aoki and Louis Tomlinson make history on The Today Show

Steve Aoki and Louis Tomlinson are no strangers to radio interviews, promo tours, and performances on live television. The two are absolute legends in the music industry in their own right. However, when Steve and Louis came together for one of the biggest songs in music today – ‘Just Hold On’ – they became absolutely unstoppable.

From the first performance of the tune on The X Factor stage in December to today, ‘Just Hold On’ has become a source of inspiration and hope for fans of One Direction, Louis Tomlinson, and Steve Aoki. The song, an homage to his mother, is a message of moving on and trying your hardest no matter how rough things get, no matter what darkness or what hardships come your way.

The song immediately resonated with fans all across the world and fan art, drawings, and videos began popping up everywhere. There were projects dedicated to the pair, to the song, and a special ‘Thank You Aoki’ video message for Steve who did so much for Louis and the fandom without even realizing it.

They’ve been getting recognition for their hard work together since December but as they performed on The Today Show, something extra special happened. The song, which is usually a club tune or one played on the radio during your drive home, was presented to an audience of a different nature all across America, and it was (no surprise here) a total smash.

There are clips of the performance circulating on Twitter and the entire thing can be seen here.

After a busy almost two weeks of interviews, it would be expected that Steve and Louis would be tired or be running a little low on the excitement front. However, the pair were just as happy to perform in front of fans as they were the first time, and part of that is due to the incredible bond they’ve formed with one another; and with their incredibly passionate fans.

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Written by Ashley

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