Steve Aoki calls Louis Tomlinson ‘One of the most inspiring dudes on the planet’ in ‘Just Hold On’ BTS video

In the two weeks since the ‘Just Hold On’ debut, the song has transformed from just a tune to almost 4 minutes of an experience, a love story, and an homage to a woman who changed lives around the world. Louis Tomlinson and Steve Aoki hit every single nail right on the head in making a song that’s relatable to anyone who’s ever loved someone who is struggling, anyone who’s seen someone at the end of their life and known that their legacy is one of passion and love.

The emotion in the song is still just as powerful as the first time fans heard it, and it’s got power that solidifies that it’ll always hold that emotion. Many fans have tuned into the performance of ‘Just Hold On’ on The X Factor stage to see Louis and Steve sing the tune and now it looks like a behind the scenes video is being completed which is leading fans to hope for a full video soon.

Steve took to his Instagram account today with this post and a sweet inspirational message to go along with it. He’s become an important part of Louis’ life as of late, and a place of strength since the loss of Johannah. His constant support is something fans of One Direction love most about him; it’s easy to understand why he and Louis get on so well. They’re a lot alike.

The little behind the scenes look brought tears to our eyes, just as the full performance did. It shows Louis and Steve preparing for the performance, a lot of which involves a somber looking Louis as he bows his head or sits and reflects, likely spending some time in his thoughts with his mom. There are moments of laughter between Steve and Louis too where the pair are obviously excited to debut such a hit to the world and even more excited to have worked on it together.

The BTS look ends with the kiss Louis blew to Johannah at the end of the set and in terms of emotional moments, that one says so much without saying a word. Johannah often called Louis her best friend and it’s clear that the sentiment was returned; their bond isn’t something that could easily be broken, and ‘Just Hold On’ is another way for Louis to have a piece of her here, and her to have one of him as well.

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Written by Ashley

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