Steve Coogan reveals in latest autobiography: ‘I thought I was going to die from taking cocaine’

Steve Coogan most famous for his character Alan Partridge has revealed in his new autobiography, his traumatic experience when he felt he was going to die from taking cocaine.

His new book named ‘Easily Distracted’ tells the reader how he became hooked on the well-known drug in 1992. Apparently when he first started to take it he did not need it, it was just for fun and relaxation but it lead him down a slippery slope.

His real autobiography is similar to his fake one he presents on his show ‘I’m Alan Partridge’ when he describes a harrowing part of his life where he drives to Dundee in his bare feet and engorges a large toblerone. In his new real autobiography he tells us his harrowing experience with cocaine: ‘I could feel pins and needles in my left arm, and my heart was thundering. I thought I was having a heart attack.’

His friend with him at the time drove him to hospital where a doctor checked him over and announced he would be fine. However, Coogan went on to have more panic attacks and suffer from depression.

Coogan informed us that he was always around the substance so it was hard to turn it down. A comedy he did with Rob Brydon shows how a photographer meaning to take photos of Coogan is taking cocaine, he turns it down but you can tell he is very tempted.

He has paid for others to go to rehab and now says he has successfully kicked the bad habit.

Written by CelebMix