Sticky Fingers Rerelease – The Rolling Stones

The Rolling Stones 1971 classic album Sticky Fingers is to be rereleased, not only with its orignal tracks revamped and remastered but also previously unheard tracks and live preformances, so if you didn’t buy it first time around or you were to young last time here’s your chance to own what is considered one of the Stones all time ultimate albums.

The album playlist which includes well known timeless classics such as Wild Horses, Brown Sugar, Sister Morphine and Bitch is due for release 25/26th May and can be pre-ordered on iTunes and comes in a number of formats from the original CD to a Super Deluxe edition. It will also be available for download.

Along with the rocking songs which are true to the Stones style there are mellow ones too, the most beautiful being Wild Horses when you hear this acoustic track you can’t help but feel the emotion that flows through it, Jaggers vocals and the acoustic guitar will make it one of your new favourite Stones tunes. I fell in love with this song years ago and I seriously don’t think I will ever fall out of love with it.

So some 44 years after its first release this album is again being reborn to a whole new audience and I must say it is truly justified, and if you only ever own one Rolling Stones album make it this one.


Written by CelebMix