The story of young Holly who finally got to meet her hero, Niall Horan

The members of One Direction always have a smile on their faces while meeting their fans and posing for pictures for them. They meet a lot of them on a daily basis, making all of their wishes come true. This weekend, Niall had the pleasure of meeting young Holly.

However, this encounter may be a bit more memorable for the blond member of the famous boy band. Holly Carlin is nine years old, but that didn’t stop her from becoming a fan of One Direction five years ago, at the age of four. So, understandably, she got a little emotional when she finally met her hero, Niall Horan.

Holly’s mother, Kelly, found out that Niall was playing golf in Newcastle at Royal County Down. She decided to test her luck take Holly there, in hopes of running into Horan.

The meet up was quite emotional, as explained by Kelly for the Belfast Telegraph:

“This was our one chance to see him, and eventually he came out. We waited for a few hours, but it was all worth it. Holly was in tears. She was so emotional, and in the pictures she was half crying and half smiling.”

The story of young Holly who finally got to meet her hero Niall Horan 1
Holly poses with Niall, all the evidence of a dream come true written across her face.

Besides the picture, Holly got an autograph out of the whole situation. He even surprised her with a little something extra that the Irish lad wore himself. It’s no secret that Niall sometimes hands out his own golf equipment to fans, so when he took off his golf glove and handed it to Holly, she was ecstatic.

“She is still in the clouds. It was like a dream come true. She has loved him since she was four. She’s always asked me if I think she’d ever get to meet him. We were planning to go to the Open on Wednesday, and I had warned her that she probably wouldn’t get near him, so it’s unbelievable that it happened like this.”


The story of young Holly who finally got to meet her hero, Niall Horan 1

And so, where do you can put this story? You add it to the millions of others where we’ve witnessed a member of 1D being completely adorable and understanding towards their fans. What did you think of the encounter? We’re glad that after five years of supporting the band, Holly’s biggest wish came true, even at such a young age. Got some of your own experiences with 1D members? Tweet us at CelebMix and CelebMix1D

Written by Azra

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