Strip That Down- Acoustic by Liam Payne: Listen

One month after Liam Payne’s debut release, he has surprised fans with a more relaxed look into his music with an acoustic version of “Strip That Down”. Fans were given one day to prepare for the stripped down release.

While the acoustic version of the track does have its similarities to the standard edition, it has a completely different feeling. There are fewer layers and makes the song more calming and relaxing. Removing the evident ‘hey’s’ from the beginning gives listeners a softer approach into the entire song itself.

New note changes also help make the song feel like something completely different from the original. Not to mention that it’s missing one major part from the standard- there is no feature by Quavo! “Strip That Down – Acoustic” is made less radio friendly and geared towards an audience wanting something that has a loosened approach. Take a listen for yourself!

“Strip That Down – Acoustic” is also available to purchase as of midnight, June 16.

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Written by CelebMix