The Strokes’ Past, Present and Future

After a three year hiatus from music and touring, The Strokes have returned for an epic comeback. Since their last album release Comedown Machine in 2013, Julian Casablancas and the band have refrained from the public eye, despite it’s global success. Late afternoon on May 27th, billboards began to appear throughout New York City and London, displaying The Strokes’ infamous logo and an animation of a figure running among the words future, present and past.

Following the surprise premiere of their latest single “OBLIVIUS” during Casablancas’ debut radio show on SiriusXM the next morning, two additional songs entitled “Drag Queen” and “Threat of Joy” were released to complete their newest EP, Future Present Past, released on June 3rd. Reminiscent of their prior albums such as Is This It and Room on Fire, the three new songs all feature the familiar intricate guitar solos and challenging vocal dynamics that have continued to impress us since 2001.

Fans had an exclusive opportunity to hear the new EP live at the Governors Ball Music Festival, held in New York on the same day of it’s release, along with fan favorites such as “You Only Live Once” and “Reptilia”. The Strokes also covered classics such as “Clampdown” by The Clash, in honor of the late art director responsible for all of their iconic album art, Brett Kilroe. With hints to an additional album release and upcoming tour, The Strokes have successfully reconnected with their fans and made their impact on this year’s eventful music scene. Future Present Past is currently available on iTunes, and will be available for streaming through Spotify on June 10th.

Listen to Future Present Past here.

Watch the official lyric video for “Drag Queen” below.

Watch The Strokes’ complete Governors Ball performance here.

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Written by CelebMix