Sugarplum fairy Gina Naomi Baez drops “Christmas Candlelight”

New Yorker Gina Naomi Baez is here to spread some festive cheer and get your spirits up with some positivity, hope and light. Infectiously uplifting and positive, it’s the perfect recipe for the perfect christmas tune. Alongside shining a light in the pop-folk music genre, Baez is also an influencer, actress and YouTuber, gaining wide recognition by the press all over the globe.

So far, this year has delivered much pain and darkness; for some worse than others. “Christmas Candlelight” is a snowglobe of descriptive, storytelling lyrics and pure inspiration. Not just a dose of merry sounds and words, but a reminder to be grateful for the things that truly matter; there is always light behind snowy skies. Baez says, “The holidays might feel dark and cancelled in a sense this year, and I hope this song reminds others of the importance of the season and what truly matters most.” Well, it’s safe to say the tune will definitely make your heart all toasty and warm.

Festive bells, peaceful, steady acoustic guitar, delicate glassy sounds, gingerbread vocals and sweet, warm and wonderful lyrics that illuminate festive visuals in your mind and a truly inspiring message. Goosebumps will shiver down your back (and that’s not from the chill of winter) but from the harmonies amongst the track; divinely angelic and totally heavenly on the ears. “Coz it doesn’t take much, just the ones that you love,” sings Baez gently nudging us to think about the blessing surrounding the season and the joy it brings, taking us out the dark and into all the lights and colour of Christmas. Here to bless us with a beacon of hope, “Christmas Candlelight” is a tune to melt comfort and peace into the end of 2020.

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Written by ChloeRobinson

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