Suicide Squad official trailer released!

Now we’ve all taken a sneaky peak at the leaked Suicide Squad trailer, taken from this year’s San Diego Comic Con. But now the official clip has graced our computer screens, and in my opinion the blurry fan-taken footage does not do justice to Jared Leto’s Joker.

The film is set to be released on 5th August 2016, although a release date for the UK is a long way from being confirmed. It was all the way back in 2009, when it was decided that this deadly task force, within the realms of DC Comics, be brought to life on the big screen. Four years on and David Ayer had signed on to direct the film, and by October 2014 the casting process had begun.

The Suicide Squad is made up of:

Deadshot– A deadly assassin who never misses his target, the clue’s in the name! (played by Will Smith.)

Harley Quinn– A psychiatrist who falls in love with her most dangerous patient, The Joker. Thus sending her into a mad, desperate and dangerous state. (played by Margot Robbie.)

Rick Flagg– Not spectacular enough to be blessed with a more badass nickname, however Flagg is the leader of the group despite despising his criminal companions. (played by Joel Kinnaman.)

Captain Boomerang– An Australian criminal (obviously?) who has the power of throwing sticks that later return. In the comics, Boomerang only became a member in exchange for being pardoned for his crimes, so you can guess how vital he is to the squad. (played by Jai Courtney.)

Enchantress– She begins life as freelance artist June Moone, but upon being invited to a costume party at an old castle, she stumbles upon a secret chamber where an unknown magical being empowers her to fight an evil presence in the castle; thus she becomes the Enchantress- too far fetched, nah! (played by Cara Delevingne.)

Amanda Waller– The director of the group, who explains in the trailer, that with the Suicide Squad she has ultimate deniability built into to whatever she tasks them to do (played by Viola Davis.)

Killer Croc– Imagine a more smoothed-down version of The Thing mixed with Spiderman’s The Lizard. Killer Croc possesses: powers of super-strength, reptilian claws and a healing factor (played by Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje.)

Katana– Not an official member of the squad, in regards to the comics, but her martial-arts and samurai skills will certainly prove an asset to this team (played by Karen Fukuhara.)

Slipknot– He has a “mastery of ropes” coupled with the fact that he’s an ace in assassin training, pretty much makes him everyone’s worst nightmare (played by Christopher Weiss.)

El Diablo– He’s the creepy-looking skull guy playing with fire in the trailer- which the character can control (played by Jay Hernandez.)

Who’s the big bad wolf ready to scare them, and us, all away? Why it’s our latest incarnation of The Joker, he’s not gonna kill you, he’s  just gonna hurt you, really, really bad…

Suicide Squad official trailer released! 1


Suicide Squad has yet to confirm a release date for the UK.

Written by CelebMix